Best Frequent Flier Program To Join

If you are looking for a frequent flyer program with a loyalty program that provides benefits throughout the world, then Air New Zealand Airpoints may be the best frequent flier program to join. Air New Zealand is the national airline of New Zealand. It has an excellent safety record and is known for having a high standard of service and comfortable seating in all classes. Air New Zealand is also a member of the Star Alliance – the largest airline alliance in the world. This affords Airpoints’ members benefits across all of the Star Alliance member Airlines.
Air New Zealand Airpoints members earn Airpoints Dollars . Airpoints Dollars can be redeemed to pay for flights, car rentals, hotel bookings, etc. One Airpoint Dollar is equivalent to NZ$1. This makes it very easy when redeeming your Airpoints as there is no need to perform any calculation to determine how much your Airpoints are worth.
Airpoints members also earn status points which are used to determines your status as an Airpoints’ member. The Airpoints program offer three status’ based on your status points – Silver, Gold and Elite. Status points expire on an annual basis, but will continue to accumulate throughout the year so that on your anniversary date, if you have enough status points, you can retain the level of status that you were for the previous year.

New Zealand
Gold and Elite members are awarded a number of privileges under this program, including, but not limited to:
– free access to Air New Zealand Koru Clubs worldwide. Koru Clubs offer free, high quality food, free beverages (alcohol (beer, wine and spirits), included) as well as free wifi access and showering facilities.
– a free extra bag on all flights (although for domestic and short-haul international flights a seat + bag fare was purchased);
– limited number of guests Koru Clubs with them, provided that they are also flying on and Air New Zealand flight that day (there is no requirement, however, that guests fly on the same flight as members).

– priority boarding;
– priority baggage (meaning your bag will be one of the first off the plane and onto the baggage belt);
– priority check-in on international flight (this enables members to skip the long queues at the general check-in counters);
In addition, Elite members are able to gift an Elite membership (this person will receive an Elite Partner membership) each year that the remaining an elite member. Elite Partners have the same privileges as Elite members, with the exception of the free extra bag allowed for Elite members. Elite members are also able to use fast bag on regional and single sector flights. This allows Elite members to take bags of up to 15kgs to the gate for check-in. Bags can then be collected from the a trolley next to the pain upon disembarking. ‘However, perhaps one of the best benefits of being an Elite member, is that your Airpoints Dollars will never expire.
So, next time you are looking at airline loyalty programs, Air New Zealand Airpoints program is arguably the best frequent flier program to join.

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