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Top 5 Tips to Enjoy a Great Flight

There was a time when air travel used to be a glamo rous adventure. Nowadays, with the proliferation of airlines and advent of low cost flying, air travel evokes a sense of weariness and exhaustion more than anything. This is

Best Frequent Flier Program To Join

If you are looking for a frequent flyer program with a loyalty program that provides benefits throughout the world, then Air New Zealand Airpoints may be the best frequent flier program to join. Air New Zealand is the national airline

How To Identify The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Bali

Bali is simply one of the most exciting destinations you can ever visit. What makes Bali even more fascinating is the fact that you can visit the place any time of the year. It all depends on your personal preferences

Island Hopping in the Philippines

The Philippines is a dream destination for adventurous spirits interested in island hopping. It has over 7000 islands and this has made it one of my favorite places in the world. I enjoy the islands’ sandy coastlines and mountainous interiors.

Top 10 city breaks for 2016

If you are thinking of taking a city break, then here’s a list of must visit cities in 2016: 1. Washington D.C. It’s election year, so what better city to visit than Washington D.C. Home to the seat of the

Samoa Air charging airline passengers by weight

Have you heard the news? “Airline charges passengers by weight (Samoa Air)”. Yes, you read that right. In 2013 Samoa Air became the first airline to charge passengers entirely based on their weight. By “weight” the airline means the combined

Around the world travel package

If you want to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and are looking to travel around the world, then you may be interested in an around the world travel package. These packages are great for people who are keen

The Top 8 Asian Festivals You Wouldn’t Want To Mis

If you wish to take a tour around the world’s largest continent, then timing should be your primary concern. For a very long time, Asia has been known for breathtaking scenery and magical cuisine. However, travellers like me discovered there