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Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Garden party

Do you have plans to host a large crowd for a special event? You’re either quite nervous at the prospect of entertaining a big group, or you welcome the opportunity to open your home for a special occasion.  If you

Trips to events in the UK.

Roskilde Festival

The UK has so much to offer, in terms of holidays which are relaxing, or full of excitement, and culture.  There are major events happening all over the UK, throughout 2016, so why not combine going to one whilst having

Top 5 Tips to Enjoy a Great Flight

There was a time when air travel used to be a glamo rous adventure. Nowadays, with the proliferation of airlines and advent of low cost flying, air travel evokes a sense of weariness and exhaustion more than anything. This is

Best Frequent Flier Program To Join

If you are looking for a frequent flyer program with a loyalty program that provides benefits throughout the world, then Air New Zealand Airpoints may be the best frequent flier program to join. Air New Zealand is the national airline

Tips On Searching The Best Airline Tickets

Saving your money during travels and leisure is the best thing ever hence requires you to have tips on finding the best airline tickets. Signing up for track routes and airfare alerts helps one to keep an eye on ticket

Top 10 city breaks for 2016

If you are thinking of taking a city break, then here’s a list of must visit cities in 2016: 1. Washington D.C. It’s election year, so what better city to visit than Washington D.C. Home to the seat of the