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Tips for winter walking

Cold trek

From snow-capped mountains to frosty greens, winter enhances the beauty of many areas. It’s the perfect time to head outdoors for a walk — as long as you take the proper precautions. If you’re planning a winter walking holiday, follow

The Thrill Of Sports and Travel

Traveling to exotic places has become a major part of my life. I travel for work and I travel for pleasure. Things however were very different when I was younger. I loved the outdoors but my parents never had much

Top 5 Tips to Enjoy a Great Flight

There was a time when air travel used to be a glamo rous adventure. Nowadays, with the proliferation of airlines and advent of low cost flying, air travel evokes a sense of weariness and exhaustion more than anything. This is

Tips On Searching The Best Airline Tickets

Saving your money during travels and leisure is the best thing ever hence requires you to have tips on finding the best airline tickets. Signing up for track routes and airfare alerts helps one to keep an eye on ticket

Best Travel Apps

This vacation will be an interesting and enjoyable for you with your android mobiles. If you have planned to go a holiday spot in this holiday and you have no idea about this spot then don’t worry now you can

Air Travel is not always expensive. Air Travel doesn’t always burn a hole in your pocket

Air Travel is not always expensive. Air Travel doesn’t always burn a hole in your pocket Flying and Air Travel has expanded manifold across the globe. Thanks to falling global oil prices Flying is becoming increasingly affordable across the world.

Flying through Asian clouds

When it comes to traveling, I always have jittery nerves, what with the motion sickness issues that run in the family. Therefore, I am most comfortable with air travel (due to the lack of jerky and spiral movements that make

Important Packing tips for air travel

It is much easier when you have just the right amount of luggage with you for your trip so putting in the effort is worth it. One of the most important things when packing for a trip on a plane

Samoa Air charging airline passengers by weight

Have you heard the news? “Airline charges passengers by weight (Samoa Air)”. Yes, you read that right. In 2013 Samoa Air became the first airline to charge passengers entirely based on their weight. By “weight” the airline means the combined

Around the world travel package

If you want to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and are looking to travel around the world, then you may be interested in an around the world travel package. These packages are great for people who are keen