Flying through Asian clouds

When it comes to traveling, I always have jittery nerves, what with the motion sickness issues that run in the family. Therefore, I am most comfortable with air travel (due to the lack of jerky and spiral movements that make me green in the face). I am no rich girl so I have only one option: Economy Airlines. There is a huge range of economy airlines in Asia to choose from, most have similar pricing, but in my opinion, they vary greatly in terms of comfort and quality of service provided. Some of the most popular economy airlines in Asia (in India to be specific) are Indigo, SpiceJet, GoAir and their latest competitor on the block: AirAsia.

Getting over with the negative reviews first, I have had bad experiences with both SpiceJet and GoAir. Last minute cancelations and delays paired with lethargic customer service seem to be a common phenomenon for these airlines. Based on my experience and that of friends, I believe that there are better options to choose from when it comes to economy airlines in Asia.

The two economy airlines in Asia that have failed to disappoint me are Indigo and AirAsia. When it comes to punctuality and value for money, Indigo is hard to beat, but the food options are mighty expensive, and taste and quality have gone down with time. However, Indigo is an old player that has proven to maintain its quality over the years. My only major complaint is that they do not fly frequently to some of the major tourist destinations of India.
If direct flights to unusual locations are your thing, then AirAsia is providing some great options at the moment, flying routes that no other airlines are venturing on. I recently enjoyed a family trip to Jaipur, we flew from Pune onboard a direct flight provided by AirAsia, it was one of the most comfortable flight experiences ever, albeit the flu I was carrying with me. The temperature in the cabin was well maintained, the lunch options were amazingly affordable and delicious, and the staff was polite. Not sure if this is a short-term strategy to get a hold on the economy market or a long-term vision of the company to change the expectations from economy airlines in Asia (hoping ardently for the latter). Let us end on this positive and hopeful note.
Hope to see you onboard soon! Happy flying.

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