How To Identify The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Bali

Bali is simply one of the most exciting destinations you can ever visit. What makes Bali even more fascinating is the fact that you can visit the place any time of the year. It all depends on your personal preferences since there are quite a number of factors that can influence your decision when it comes to the time you will visit Bali. You need to be sure of the kind of experience you want to experience when you visit Bali as well as what you intend to do once you get there. Putting these into consideration will help you know exactly when the best time for you to visit Bali is. Outlined are a few factors that you need to put into consideration so as to ensure that you visit Bali when it is most ideal for you.


  1. Off peak and peak seasons

Off peak seasons are the most ideal periods to visit Bali. Not only are these periods pocket-friendly, you will also encounter attractive deals that aim at attracting more visitors. Off peak seasons mostly fall between March and October. If you are the kind of a person that prefers visiting places during the popular periods, then peak season is the best time for you to visit Bali. However, you also need to know that these are the busiest seasons as well as the most expensive. Peak season fall between the months of July and August.

  1. Surfing

Surfing in Bali is one of the most heavenly experiences one can ever experience. What makes it even better is the fact that surfing in Bali does not have a specific time of the year to go surfing; surfing in Bali is favorable all year round. However, a few hot spots offer better surfing experiences in various weather conditions and can also get riskily busy during the peak periods. Between the months of April and October surfing in Bali is best done on the western coast. While as between the months of November and March surfing in Bali is best done on the eastern coast.

  1. Festivals

One of the best times to visit Bali is when there are festive and major events. New Years Eve is one of the best festivals anyone can attend in Bali. Residents of Bali have simply knows how to celebrate and make maximum use of festivals. The whole of Bali has a way of coming alive by use of music, fireworks, food and dancing just to instill the festive spirit in anyone who is involved. You can never go wrong with visiting Bali during their festive seasons.

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