The Best Time to Buy Cheap Europe Airline Tickets

These days it is becoming increasingly difficult to save enough money to travel or go on vacation. With the cost of fuel going up and many airlines charging an arm and a leg with extra hidden fees added in for bags and even carryon luggage, it may be difficult to get away. Then again, there are a few tips and tricks for getting yourself a shoddy Europe aircraft ticket regardless of the fact that you travel business class.

First of all, plan ahead. Last minute tickets are incredibly pricey and can inhibit your travel plans. If you want to book a spontaneous flight to Israel, be prepared for an astronomical cost. However, with a little planning ahead you can drive down the cost significantly. The rule of thumb is to book your flight about six weeks in advance. Those who book about forty-two days in advance of their trip are more likely to save more on the average fare.


Time of day actually matters. Airlines put out specials and deals early in the morning for their tickets. The most discounted business class airline tickets usually come out at night and for a limited time. So check the deals when you wake up in the morning. However, if you want to follow the trend, it seems those who buy around 3 pm eastern standard time save the most money.

You can also save yourself some money by flying out early in the morning. The first flights are usually the ones that are the emptiest, so the chances of you snagging a great, cheap airline ticket in Europe are best if you concede to fly out at four am.

If flying early is not really an option for you, you can try to fly mid-week. Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly domestically. Since many people don’t have the option to fly in the middle of the week, these planes usually have the most amount of empty seats. More empty seats require the airline to discount their tickets in order to fill the plane to capacity. Avoid Friday and Sunday flights as they are the most expensive.

There are many more little insider tricks that you can use to book yourself a cheap flight to Israel or anywhere else you might want to go. All you need to do is pay attention to trends, and you will find a method of getting the cheapest airline tickets available to you.

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