The Thrill Of Sports and Travel

Traveling to exotic places has become a major part of my life. I travel for work and I travel for pleasure. Things however were very different when I was younger. I loved the outdoors but my parents never had much of an opportunity to travel. That meant that I was confined to one state in one country throughout my life as a child.

I loved the great outdoors. It invigorated me and challenged me. That is probably the reason why I enjoy traveling so much. I love the challenge that it poses and I definitely love all that the world has to offer. Back then I had no choice. I had to enjoy in whatever way I could. I found a vent to my frustrations through different kinds of sports. The primal desire and the connection with nature is very strong when a team plays against team and person plays against person. My mother must have had many a hard day cleaning the stains that the muddy ground can leave on a child’s clothes.

I used to play quite a number of different sports like Soccer, Tennis and Basketball. The beach always meant a game of volleyball. I loved the adrenaline that pumped into my veins when I played. In a way I still do. Times however have changed. Age catches up and however much I may love to remain the same, I know that my body hasn’t. I no longer can plunge into a game and be a real asset to the team. There are times when I try but I come home with too many aches and pains.

I found myself confined to a room and watching different games on television. I kept in touch with the news both online and on the newspaper. Somehow, nothing managed to make me feel as if I was part of the rate race. Sure… I rooted for my favorite teams but I never got riled up much. That was how it was before I learnt that I can still get a little action without the exhaustion.

I stumbled upon the love of sports betting. I read it once in a blog and tried sports betting in WilliamHill page a few months back and I get used to it easily. It definitely gets the adrenaline pumping and the excitement of waiting for what team will win the game. As it turned out, I was pretty good at placing my bets and I won a pretty good sum of money. That is when I decided to combine my love for sports with my love for travel. All I needed was a little extra planning.
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I soon began to do a little research on all the games that were happening in the vicinity of where my trips took me. A little adjustments to my schedule meant that I could be onsite when I placed my bets. It wasn’t easy to get good seats but I had years of travel experience in my pocket. I managed to get what I needed. It was a little expensive but definitely worth it!

The first few matches that I watched were the NFL matches. I loved them! It wasn’t long before I was hooked. In fact, I loved it so much that I recommended it to my friends and old buddies. The next trip is going to be a group event!

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