The Top 8 Asian Festivals You Wouldn’t Want To Mis

If you wish to take a tour around the world’s largest continent, then timing should be your primary concern. For a very long time, Asia has been known for breathtaking scenery and magical cuisine. However, travellers like me discovered there is more to Asia than just the food and the landscape. Join me therefore as I introduce you to some of the greatest Asian festivals and holidays, with a view to helping you find one or two that catches your fancy.

Mud Festival

Mud Festival
If you always get nostalgic memories about your childhood soothing mud baths, then you need to make a date with Asia in order to relive those moments. Take a flight to Boryeong, in west South Korea and experience a wide range of mud entertainment such as swimming, fighting and sliding.


This is one of the most significant religious festival in the Indian sub-continent. Come and experience the Hindu culture as you celebrate the triumph of good over evil while enjoying the fiesta of fireworks that define this festival.

Ice festival

Ice Festival
Ever imagined of ice sculpture artworks? Make your dream a reality and take a flight to Asia to experience The Harbin International Ice Festival which showcases beautifully lit ice lanterns from various artists all around the world.


Naadam Festival
The Naadam festival is a rare chance to experience the sporting heritage of Mongolia. Take a break from the conventional Olympics and come experience the Mongolian Olympics which features some of the traditional sports of the country such as wrestling, archery and horse riding.

New Year

Is this Thai’s New Year? Yes, but unlike what characterize our ordinary New Year festivals, Songkran is characterized by water fight. Get a proper gear and come witness the streets filled with joy as men and women soak themselves in water senselessly.

Kite festival

Basant Kite Festival
Did you know you know that as opposed to the single kites you are used to seeing, you could actually get a rare chance to witness millions of kites fly into the horizon? The good thing with the Basant Kite Festival though is that these are not your ordinary kites but kites at war, with kite strings laced with cut glass.

Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival is the traditional finale to the Chinese New Year. This festival is celebrated in China and the Southeast Asia and in order to get a better glimpse of this glorious festival, you should head down to Hangzhou or Taiwan.


Holi is one of the most colourful events in India in the literal sense of the word. It involves painting everyone and everything with brightly coloured powders.

With all these offers, Asia is definitely the continent to look out for in your next vacation. The variety of parties and holidays in various countries across this continent ensures there is something for everyone.

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