Top 5 Tips to Enjoy a Great Flight

There was a time when air travel used to be a glamo
rous adventure. Nowadays, with the proliferation of airlines and advent of low cost flying, air travel evokes a sense of weariness and exhaustion more than anything. This is especially the case on a long haul flight. With my own experience of countless dreary flights, I have learned to prepare well to ensure a restful and happy journey. Here are my top 5tips that will ensure you put enjoyment back into your air travels.

TravelideasWherever possible, upgrade

If you are on a flight that will take well over 10 hours, you should look for every opportunity to upgrade. Whether it is using your frequent flier air miles, or promotional schemes, or even shelling out a little more money, you should not hesitate at all to upgrade if you can help it. The extra leg room, fully reclining chairs, ample head room and other perks make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying your trip.

Pack light

Traveling light is a time tested and age old advice that stands true with stronger reasons when it comes to air travel. While airlines have off late begun polices such as inclusive baggage fees that encourage passengers to carry more, I would strongly suggest you resist the temptation. It is often the case that you don’t need a lot of stuff you carry during your journey. Keeping your carry on luggage under the seat can significantly eat up your leg space and spoil your traveling experience.

Rest well before your travel date

It is surprising how many people tend to shrug off the importance of being well rested prior to a long haul flight. The conventional reasoning, I presume, is that catching a nap during the flight is a great way to avoid the dreariness of a air travel as well as being rested when you arrive. Big mistake. A lot of people struggle badly when it comes to catching some shut eye during a flight and exhaustion slowly creeps up during the course of the flight. Eventually you would end up feeling grumpy and tired.

Take care of your health and special needs

If you have any special health needs then make sure you have informed the airline prior to the flight. You do not want an emergency situation at 36,000 feet up in the air. Over and beyond your special requirements, there are a few general precautions you should take to ensure you stay in peak physical condition during the course of the flight. Staying well hydrated is one of them. Formation of blood clots is another risk during long flights. You can eliminate this risk by cutting down on alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, and walking around every now and then.

If possible, fly regional

Big airports are an acutely stressful experience in their own right. The endless queues, crowd, and confusion can disorient the very best of us. If you can help it, try flying to a regional, smaller alternative instead.

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